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Kellye Mazzoli

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You and I know that City Management requires a big heart for service and a sincere passion for the profession.

Navigating a demanding career of City Management requires not just expertise but a genuine commitment to service—a commitment I understand intimately.

Just like you, I've poured dedication into my communities. Yet, what happens when that passion begins to wane?

It's no revelation: you may find yourself feeling stuck, fatigued, drained, frustrated, and, even on your best days, battling burnout.

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An extremely passionate+dedicated, 16-year City Management Professional, who supports city managers with their career decisions, leadership skills, and peak performance.

Trust me when I tell you...

You don't have to keep living your life


You don't have to be in a constant state-of-stress.

You can be an amazing City Manager AND have time for yourself, your family and friends.

You can get back your health, feel better, AND regain total confidence.

Ready to BE YOU again?

"Personally experiencing the transformative power of coaching in 2020 was a game-changer during my most challenging City Management days. Not only did coaching guide me through the stress, but it also liberated me from relying on alcohol as a coping mechanism.

The profound impact on both my professional and personal life propelled me to share this invaluable resource with City Managers and Executives, like you. I dedicated myself to gaining certification, accumulating experience, and establishing this business.

Now, my mission is to support you in making your best career decisions, finding new ways to advance your leadership, and discovering how you can perform every day at your highest, best level.”

- kellye

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Try something different and see what you think with a complimentary Introductory Coaching Call tailored to you. This private 1:1, virtual (Zoom) session ensures 100% confidentiality, while allowing you to experience coaching with no obligation.

Use your call to:

  • Navigate your career path with clarity and purpose, making better informed Strategic Career Decisions

  • Discover innovative approaches to elevate your impact with new Strategies for Leadership Advancement

  • Cultivate habits and strategies to perform at your peak every day with Peak Performance Focused Coaching

It's as simple as selecting a time on the calendar. During this call, we'll address your specific challenges in city management, ensuring a tailored coaching experience that aligns with your professional goals. Click the button to access my calendar and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential as a City Management Professional.

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In every collaboration with me, you can expect:

        • A Trusted Confidant: Experience transparency, openness, and honesty in our interactions.

        • Confidentiality Guarantee: Sessions that remain 100% confidential and judgment-free.

        • Deep Understanding: Someone who comprehends the what and why behind your actions, providing insight and support.

        • Service-Centric Approach: Dedicated to working solely in service of you, ensuring your needs and goals are the priority.

This commitment is crucial because it provides you with a neutral space and dedicated time to process your life, fostering awareness and control at every level.

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